Looking to start or grow your Fleet of vehicles?

Great News! Richard Lucas Chevrolet partners with a number of Commercial Lenders to provide the best possible rates and make your vehicle purchase as easy as possible. Through these lenders we can also offer a Commercial Line of Credit which can be used for traditional financing, traditional lease options, AND TRAC lease options (designed for businesses. You set the residual, no mileage penalty, no wear and tear charges!). These Commercial Lines of Credit start at a minimum of $350,000 for 12 months.

Some Incredible Benefits When Using a Commercial Line of Credit

First, a commercial line of credit offers you much-needed flexibility. It provides instant access to a pre-approved credit limit ($350,000 or more!), allowing you to make vehicle purchases quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a single car, a fleet of vans, or specialized vehicles, a commercial line of credit ensures that you can act promptly whenever an opportunity arises.

By opening and using a commercial line of credit, you have the advantage of preserving your working capital. Instead of depleting your savings or tying up your funds, this revolving credit facility allows you to leverage borrowed money specifically for vehicle purchases. This way, you can allocate your existing capital for other strategic initiatives, such as expanding your business, investing in marketing efforts, or hiring skilled personnel.

Furthermore, a commercial line of credit comes with competitive interest rates, making it an affordable financing option for vehicle purchases. By taking advantage of lower borrowing costs, you can effectively manage your business's cash flow and improve your overall financial health.

Additionally, utilizing a commercial line of credit for vehicle purchases can help establish or strengthen your business's credit history. Consistently making timely repayments demonstrates your financial responsibility and reliability to potential lenders, which may open doors for future credit opportunities at favorable terms.

Lastly, a commercial line of credit offers you the convenience of streamlined expense tracking. Separate from personal finances, this financing option ensures that your vehicle-related expenses are organized and easily monitored. This improves your ability to manage your budget effectively and simplifies tax preparations.

In summary, the benefits of opening and using a commercial line of credit for vehicle purchases are clear: flexibility, preserved working capital, competitive interest rates, improved credit history, and streamlined expense tracking. So why wait? Leverage the power of a commercial line of credit today and drive your business toward success!