REPLACING YOUR FLEET Using YOUR data to predict and prepare a cycling plan that works for you.

As many of you are aware, the car industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the way they operate. Whether it be General Motors, Mopar, or Ford, they are all moving towards a "order based system". Gone are the days of driving your vehicle until the wheel falls off, and then picking up a new one the next day at your local dealership. Don't get stuck without a plan. We can help!

Richard Lucas Chevrolet in partnership with General Motors, OnStar, and GM Financial has the solution; Our Fleet Management Services Program. By simply providing us with a current fleet list we can have our expert team run several analyses. Using real data we can show you what your current fleet is costing you, and put together a cycling plan to show you how you can save money, make more money, have newer vehicles (representation and image are important!) and help with a plan to GROW moving forward! These reports will break down current cost of ownership including fuel costs, maintenance costs, turn in and replacement vehicle cost, and much more.

By using your real time data, we've found these reports have been very eye opening for our current clients. The BEST PART - The initial review comes at no cost to you! So you truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Stop by, or call one of our Fleet Management Specialists today for more information!

The Auto Industry is CHANGING. The days of "driving it till the wheels fall off" and then just showing up at your local dealership for a replacement are no more. All of the big manufacturers are moving over to a "Order Based System". That means if you do not have a plan in place, you may find yourself scouring the country for a replacement vehicle.

Richard Lucas Chevrolet does NOT want that to happen to you. So in partnership with General Motors, GM Financial, and OnStar, we have created an all new Fleet Management Services Program. By using real data we can generate a detailed report showing total cost of ownership on your current fleet including vehicle cost, fuel costs, maintenance costs, turn in and replacement cost, and much more. We can analyze your specific driving habits and current market conditions to put together an in depth report and cycling plan.

Using these reports and your data, we can

  • Ensure you have replacement vehicles when you need them.
  • Give you insight on how to turn your fleet department into a form of PROFIT.
  • Keep your drivers in newer vehicles which equals less downtime, a better "image" in front of clients, and more profit!
  • And Much More!

The best part - The initial review and reports are FREE. So you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain! For more information or to get started please click the "Contact Us" button below, or stop by the showroom and let one of our Commercial Account Managers get you started today!